Earlier this year, Randox announced the opening of a fast PCR Test at Heathrow Airport..

The industry-leading testing facilities, which are a first for the United Kingdom, are a key step in the sector’s rehabilitation, helping to restore traveler trust and reopen routes connecting the United Kingdom to the rest of the globe.

The facilities, which are situated in Terminals 2 and 5, will first provide travellers travelling to Hong Kong with the option of completing their pre-departure testing requirements at the airport prior to their flight, according to the airport. The government of Hong Kong presently mandates travellers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test before departure, although it does allow for testing methods that may give findings in a short period of time. These tests may be performed quickly and simply at the airport prior to takeoff.

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What exactly is a Covid-19 PCR test?

A Covid-19 PCR test searches for the Covid-19 virus in swabs taken from the back of the throat and nose. Our private Covid-19 testing is performed by world-class UKAS certified labs using CE marked PCR assay equipment, resulting in quick and accurate findings.

What is the cost of a Covid-19 test?

There is a range of comprehensive and reasonably priced Covid-19 testing at the airport. For a complete list of tests, pricing, and availability, please see the booking page. Some of the most popular options are as follows 

  • PCR Test (the next day) 
  • Same-day PCR Test –
  • Antigen Tests
  • Antibody Tests

All exams may be scheduled online. Simply choose the Covid-19 Coronavirus Test. Then choose the kind of test you need, and it will show you all of the clinic locations and times available for booking. Different clinics provide various kinds of testing. PCR tests at Heathrow Airport starts from just £30 

The COVID-19 Testing At Heathrow 

Randox has announced the availability of a dedicated COVID-19 testing facility at Heathrow terminal2, with a similar facility expected to open by the end of the month at Terminal 5.

  • ‘Test-on-Arrival’ is currently utilized in over 30 countries and half of the world’s largest airports as a safe and effective alternative to quarantine.
  • PCR Border testing would help the UK economy, since foreign tourists spent £28.4 billion in the UK in 2019.
  • Key business organizations, airlines, airports, and tour operators have been vocal in their desire for the government to approve airport testing.

The facility in Terminal 2 allows incoming passengers to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival and find out within hours whether they are positive. The current facility, which can be expanded up to handle more than 13,000 passenger tests per day, can handle more than 13,000 passenger tests per day. It is anticipated that, with Government permission, individuals who test negative throughout the procedure would be permitted to leave quarantine early.

The construction of the testing facility coincides with the implementation of airport-based COVID-19 testing by more than 30 nations across the globe, assisting in the revival of the tourism sector while protecting public health.

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PCR Testing At the Border

PCR testing at the border has been extensively trialed internationally, including in locations with extremely strict scientific oversight, such as Germany, and has been found to be safe; it is now being implemented in France, Iceland, and Austria, as well as at more than half of the world’s busiest airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle, Tokyo Haneda, and Dubai International.

The method suggested for Heathrow has previously been adopted in Jersey. Jersey is an excellent case study for evaluating the effectiveness of testing since entering tourism has a disproportionate influence on the island. In July, 20,061 incoming travellers, representing 20% of the resident population, were tested at the border, with 17 instances of COVID-19 identified and quarantined. The testing was shown to be very successful in detecting COVID at the border and preventing its spread in the community, which is consistent with the results of all other nations that have tried and implemented testing at the border.

Heathrow airport  have agreed to collaborate with the government to provide the optimal testing solution that combines public health and economic recovery. The planned pilot will use a two-test approach, with the first test performed at the testing facility upon arrival and a second confirmation test performed a few days later. With the government’s permission, travelers who test negative for both tests will be freed from quarantine early.

The UK is now in a position to learn from other economies’ experiences and utilize incoming PCR tests at Heathrow Airport to securely reopen more of the travel industry, including “red” listed nations and long-haul routes. The economic benefits will be substantial. Six more nations have been added to the United Kingdom’s “red” list, including France, the country’s fourth biggest trade partner and second largest tourism market.

French visitors spent an estimated £1.7 billion in the UK last year, accounting for about 8% of total tourist expenditure. Overseas residents spent £28.4 billion on trips to the UK in 2019, showing the devastating economic effect if incoming travel cannot be securely restored.

According to a recent survey of 22,000 Priority Pass members, nearly three-quarters (71 percent) are ready to return to travel either immediately or within the next 3-6 months, but unpredictable factors such as quarantines and border controls are their top concern about returning to air travel. 74% of passengers are concerned, and half are ready to pay for a COVID-19 test to enable them to travel more freely

How Testing Is Being Run At The Airport

Dedicated testing operatives will be on hand inside the new Terminal 2 testing area to help take a sample;the tests will be performed using the same techniques as those used by the NHS for home swab testing.

With government support, the new testing procedure might be provided as a private service to anybody arriving at Heathrow Terminal 2 and, in a few weeks, to those arriving at Terminal 5.

Heathrow began testing in July and have been in discussions with various government agencies to develop a testing technique that would enable safe travel while minimizing the cost of quarantine. The assays proposed for the procedure include “gold-standard” PCR tests that are sensitive enough to detect COVID-19 particles even before a passenger shows symptoms or becomes contagious.