Volunteering and the causes we help each other move us forward. The new UN Development Agenda, Transforming the World: A 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, has the ambitious goal of ensuring that all people have access to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services by 2030 ghettos and slums.

And right here you too can help.

If the idea of ​​volunteering is already in your mind, then you are on the right track. This is a clear sign that you already understand how much our world needs more volunteers. 
You don’t even have to be a member of an organization or work full time to do good deeds – it all depends on your time and commitment, but even once a month, getting involved in a noble cause, you will feel significant and needed. And then you won’t want to part with it!

In this text we will list just a few of the many reasons why everyone would like to participate in this type of organization at some point. We hope this will inspire you to take this step and contribute to changing the world for the better.

Yes, You are Needed

It is very important to remember that volunteers enable the organization to save financial resources from the activities they perform for free. As a volunteer, you are a gem because giving time and attention is the greatest gift. which each of us can give to another human being.

Volunteers in a kitchen

You are making a real difference in the lives of those whose rights the organization is fighting for. These efforts build different elements, and on the basis of these elements whole communities are created. Some of them include supporting families caring for children, the elderly or the sick, improving education by teaching lessons, promoting public health, protecting animals, supporting youth and others.

And, believe it or not, taking the time for a good cause works wonders for your physical and mental health. Stress levels are reduced and your mood improves – this is scientifically proven by medicine. It turns out, in fact, that by focusing your efforts on others, you are more likely to increase your positive emotions. It is very interesting that you minimize your years of affirming models of the new world, creating tension. It is no coincidence that we told you that volunteering is not only help for others, but also help for yourself.

Perhaps the most valuable thing is that participating in noble causes helps you learn different things about people and cultures that lead to your personal and professional growth. Volunteers often discover their hidden talent and passion, and this directly improves their self-esteem and sense of belonging to the world. The society in which you voluntarily participate also learns from you, because you are people from different backgrounds with different thinking.

Of course, the list of benefits of volunteering is, to put it mildly, inexhaustible. For example, you acquire social responsibility, you can significantly increase your professional experience, as well as contribute to the good name and development of your home country and the one you are currently helping. And what really matters is that you are simply the bearers of change. A change for the better that we all dream of.

Why Help Third World People?

Earth map as a heart

As you can see, there are many reasons to engage in being truly useful to other people. And it makes the most sense to do it where the need is greatest. Of course, there are people all over the world suffering from poverty, disease and inequality, but it is no secret that the situation is worst in third world countries. That is why we recommend you, if you have the desire and opportunity, to focus your energy on helping those in need there.

We will share with you some of the benefits of volunteering in the third world, and once again prove that the benefits are for you. For example, if you have a traveling spirit and your favorite pastime is to travel, here you can combine your interests. By helping people from all over the world, you undoubtedly have the real opportunity to go around it as you have always dreamed. 

Most Europeans limit themselves to Rome and Paris, for example, and other key points on the Old Continent, and in some cases to exotic islands, but the adventurous, in-depth journey does not happen to everyone. As volunteers, you will travel a lot, come into close contact with different cultures and get to know the planet through a microscope. This will enrich your worldview, your mind and your soul, and then you will understand what it really means to travel.

And, yes, it may be a little selfish to mention the personal benefits it brings, but we firmly believe that international volunteering has the potential to change people for the better, and that in turn will encourage change in the world. Every noble cause is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.

In addition, volunteering humbles you because it opens your eyes to the big world and how many and how many different people coexist on this earth. You quickly realize that the world does not revolve around you, and this has a great healing and approving power. And you realize that your problems are not so big on a global scale.

Countries Where You Can Be Very Helpful

  • Haiti
    In January 2012, a huge earthquake shook Haiti, which contributed to mass problems in this already troubled country. UN peacekeepers are now stationed there, trying to improve the safety and living conditions of the local population.
  • South Africa
    Visiting South Africa can be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, but this country is also one of the most dangerous in the world. The crime rate here is much higher than in most other countries. However, the need for volunteers is very high, as there are also major problems with HIV, AIDS, malaria and other diseases.
  • El Salvador
    This small country in South America is well known as a tourist destination, mainly due to its spectacular coastline, where you can see beautiful white sandy beaches. El Salvador suffers from various gang-related problems and high crime rates. It is not uncommon to see the army stationed on the streets and checkpoints located in places like San Salvador.
  • Palestine
    With a turbulent history, extreme poverty and constant conflict with Israel, Palestine is an unpredictable and unstable country to travel to. This is a place where you can visit as tourists, ski and see great sights, but the military tension is significant. There are charity projects set up to help young people get a better education, and many organizations are recruiting international participants.
  • Kenya
    Tourism is of great benefit to Kenya’s emerging economy and thousands of international volunteers are welcome here every year. However, elephant poaching in Kenya is a huge problem, but you can play a significant role in tackling it.

All of these countries need help, but, of course, there is almost no place where your volunteering is not needed. It is not difficult to find a program for a country you are interested in and you can be sure that you will be welcomed with open arms.

You can also follow the initiatives of Habitat for Humanity, an international non-governmental organization whose main goal is to improve access to land and housing globally. Other key objectives are to support ethnic, racial and gender equality, to promote an ecological and environmentally friendly way of life, to fight injustice and all its dimensions. That is why we will be happy if you contact us for assistance, if you want to get involved in a charity cause, but you do not know what or where exactly.

Remember that we are all on this planet to help each other. And, as Ernest Hemingway wrote, “man is not an island, closed inside.” That is why we are committed to contributing to a better world to live in – ultimately to ourselves! Do not doubt that volunteering will make you feel better. Do not doubt that it is a huge step for someone waiting to do it.